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International, Mobile Interactive (IMI). We are pioneering cross-platform social video communication worldwide.


Our main product, imiChat, is the world's first mobile phone software that provides effective video communication over 2.5G networks and seamless video communication over 3G networks.  Wherever there is GPRS network coverage, users are able to initiate video chats with anyone, anywhere, without roaming charges or other call fees.

imiChat was one of the first mobile applications selected into the Nokia Ovi Store. In 2009 imiChat was listed within the top 22 applications on the Nokia OviStore software ranking.


In 2009, Mobim launched a global mobile multimedia entertainment interactive platform called imiWorld. Within imiWorld, users may access a variety of content for entertainment purposes such as films, games, music, astrology, ebooks, photos, and job search engines, all within the mobile multimedia ecosystem.

For further information, please go to www.imichat.com



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