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Mobim Technologies Co., Ltd is a global communications and entertainment company focusing on mobile multimedia services. Mobim was founded in 2007 in Menlo Park, CA by telecommunications industry veterans Dr. Sun Yan and Dr. Yi Liang. With breakthrough technology, an innovative business model, and an initial investment from top-tier VCs, Mobim launched its first application, imiChat, within its first year of operation. imiChat is the world's first platform that allows mobile video communication to function perfectly on 3G networks, and effectively on 2.5G networks. In other words, no matter where users are located, as long as they have GPRS network coverage, they are able to video chat with anyone, anywhere, without roaming charges or other call fees.

The imiChat user base proves that mobile video chat is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. The 100 million users hail from approximately 200 countries and regions. In the mobile video instant messaging market, imiChat is the number one ranking download available.

In addition to Mobim's mobile video communication tools, the company is also an industry leader in streaming media compression. Its technology is generally acknowledged as the best in overall performance, as indicated through its smooth visuals and minimal buffering time. Additionally, Mobim is the first company to provide a solution that allows users to add applications without utilizing extra space on their handsets. These technologies combined overcome the greatest technical challenges affecting further development of mobile applications.

Mobim maintains operations and R&D centers in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Suzhou and Shenzhen, and partners with the majority of mobile handset brands worldwide.



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